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Your #BrandState Masterclass,’ we show you how to finally tap into your own state of mind, to develop mind awareness, to cultivate the best focus and best outcome for the ‘stage’ moment. Never before has it been done in such an easy to learn, and action-packed training programme, where we combine presentation skills, voice training, personal brand positioning strategies, how to impact and use the power of perception, how you can cultivate and optimise your state of mind to maximise each opportunity in your business or career, and more.  

What also makes this masterclass unique is the combination of theory and practical presentation skills, soft-skills that will cover all the aspects of self-presentation – so you can align to your brand purpose. It includes a powerful combination class with key communications strategies that allows for work on personal limiting beliefs and voice training – enabling you to take your confidence to the next level in achieving your business and career goals. What we think is how we feel, this is your ticket to the next level you! e-mail with any and all your inquiries info@nadiahearn.co.za/+27 74 923 3835