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Brand Authority Masterclass

Learn how to build brand on  becoming a brand authority (through leader & perceived expert) in your industry and market.

Also absorb what you must know about brand consistency – how it unlocks brand trust and credibility, and create your plan. We will show you how to create a speaker’s or public profile and needed content that will support your brand goals



3x Class Sessions:


1. 1 hour – 08 Apr

2. 1 hour – 10 Apr

3. 1 hour – 11 Apr



Sessions always start @19h00




  • Template on speaker pack and brand build plan with timeline
  • Tick list: What content you will need to be a public speaker / figure
  • 2x Exercises to work on and write you speaker profile and pack etc.
  • You will get back  comments and notes on work done

Early Brid

R 1 500



R 1 890


Only 10x Web-seats available