Top 3 Marketing Media Insights for 2017

Top 3 Marketing Media Insights for 2017 
BLOG Topic: Top 3 Marketing Media Insights for 2017 
By Nadia Hearn
26 January 2017
After waving goodbye to 2016, we look at 2017 as a brand new chapter with many opportunities! I invite you to listen to my radio show every Tuesday 2-3pm live on - here we talk about marketing and PR insights that will support you as a business owner with helpful tips and tools to increase your brand awareness in 2017.
Plan to be proactive with the methods you choose this year to engage, connect and communicate to your customers. Don't wink at someone in the dark... as a result, only you will know that you are winking at them.
When planning your business communications strategy for 2017, keep the following top media and PR trends in mind as key tactics:
Creating a customer experience is the way to go!
‘Customer Experience’ is the ultimate marketing tool. According to Gartner, ‘Customer Experience’ is the practice of designing for and reacting to customer interactions in order to meet and exceed their expectations. This will ensure an increase in customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy. The point is, deliver, and deliver well.
Rethink your business news and how you share it with media
The impact of digital on our local South African media landscape has created a news relevancy window of only 24 hours. This means that should you launch your product, reveal a breaking story or new service, you need to build a staggered, well thought through media campaign. Don't provide all the juicy news bits upfront and in one go. Work on building the story around 'the why', and why what you offer really matters to your customer. Don't assume your news is important before you yourself understand why it would matter to others (the media, public, your target market or industry).
Differentiate between your personal and business brand
Branding is an essential part of achieving professional success. Your brand consists of the experience that your services and expertise provide, as well as the core values that drive the work you do and your relationships with others. So what is the difference between a personal and a business brand? A personal brand is built around you personally. It usually means you brand your business with your name. A business brand is built around an identity you create for your business.
In most cases' it means that you need to craft a name for your business that is independent of your personal name. Not only are brands created by the use of company names, logos, and other factors, but they are also created by the personal interactions you have with clients, colleagues, and other industry professionals. Many business owners providing services fail to develop brands that represent the value they provide. Knowing the difference between your personal and business brands will give you better results in your marketing and networking efforts.
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